NAB Broadcast Members

AI Training and Certifications specifically catered to NAB Member Stations

“We know broadcasters are looking for cost-effective ways to educate their teams on how to implement AI to increase operational efficiency and innovation. NAB is excited to partner with Future Media Conferences to offer detailed AI certification trainings for television and radio broadcasters. Whether you are just beginning to explore how AI can improve productivity or currently deploying AI at your station, this course will show you how to get the most out of AI to drive sales, create content and stay ahead of the competition.”

April Carty-Sipp - NAB Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs

“Our AI training and certifications workshops, specifically tailored for broadcast TV and radio stations, are an excellent opportunity to enhance your team’s proficiency in the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry advancements.”

Broadcast TV & Radio Workshops

Give your skillset an edge by attending the latest AI Broadcast certifications.

  • Enhance your broadcast skills with the latest in AI software
  • Learn from Certified Instructors in a live, online setting
  • Increase your chances of becoming officially AI certified

Broadcast TV & Radio Certifications

Take your talents to all new heights with our NAB Show Authorized AI Broadcast certifications.

  • Boost your employment chances with our user-friendly, self-paced exams
  • Join an exclusive database of certified users
  • Showcase your achievement with both virtual and physical credentials

nab show workshops

Attend our global training conferences to get the most out of onsite AI training from world-renowned Certified Instructors.

  • Learn live and on-location at our exciting conference venues
  • Choose from a wide selection of AI creative workshops
  • Get to grips with the latest from world-renowned Certified Instructors

Customized Training

Train your employees around a schedule that works for you with our incredibly flexible customized training program.

  • Choose from live or virtual training
  • Cherry-pick the workshops and certifications that fit your needs
  • Learn at a pace that suits your company
If interested please contact Jordan Belmont, Senior Project Manager.