AI VFX & Motion

The Future of Image Creation


Duration– 50 minutes

Price – $149

The AI VFX & Motion certification is specifically tailored for those keen on mastering artificial intelligence in the realm of visual effects and motion graphics. Ideal for both students and professionals, this certification focuses on the practical application of cutting-edge AI tools such as Firefly, Runway, and Leonardo, as well as various third-party add-ons.

This exam delves deep into the innovative ways AI can be utilized in creating diverse motion graphics and VFX, explores AI’s evolving role in modern cinema, and covers effective strategies for integrating AI into the post-production process.

AI VFX & Motion Certified badge
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of AI in the VFX and motion graphics field.
  • Mastering tools for animation, upscaling, and generating creative content.
  • Developing techniques to animate AI characters using After Effects.
  • Integrating 2D and 3D objects seamlessly.
  • Utilizing various AI engines for converting text or images into video.
  • Applying AI tools for common post-production tasks, such as rotoscoping, upscaling, creating extreme slow motion, and blurring faces.
Who Should Attend

This certification is ideal for motion designers, video editors, digital media students, visual effects artists, content creators, and anyone eager to showcase their skills in artificial intelligence within the creative industry.


There are no prerequisites for taking this exam. However, enrolling in the AI VFX & Motion: Crafting Visual Wonders with AI online workshop is highly recommended to enhance your preparedness and increase your chances of success.